Nydegger Baby Announcement by marissa siebert

This is why I do what I do. This is one of those sessions that reminds me that I am the luckiest person in the world because I get to be part of the most special moments in a persons life. I have the best job. 

Kylie found out she was pregnant and knew she wanted to do something special to tell her husband the big news. She called me saying that she wanted to have brunch at one of their favorite restaurants in downtown Charleston... Poogan's Porch. Her plan was to surprise him as they were getting their check. She asked if I would be willing to pretend we were another couple enjoying brunch together, and then get photos of his reaction to the surprise... DUH! What person wouldn't want to enjoy a Sunday brunch at one of Charleston's most popular restaurants, photographing a beautiful couple, in beautiful charleston? We made our plans that week and waited patiently for Sunday to arrive. Sunday came and we entered the restaurant with two of my cameras hidden in my purse (yay for large purses). We were seated and while ordering, I pretended to take photos of the beautiful horses and carriages that were passing by (so I could get my settings right). The moment came and Nick's reaction was perfect! We just kept taking photos as Nick smiled from ear to ear and Kylie jumped up and down! Kylie is an adorable person and I so enjoyed watching her reaction of pure satisfaction as the news hit Nick. Nick and Kylie shared some sweet kisses, some happy tears and lots of laughter! We then were able to walk down the road and take some announcement photos.

This session made my heart happy. And I hope it does the same for yours.

Best of 2014 by marissa siebert

2014 was a crazy year for Johnathan and I. We moved to Illinois. Johnathan started a new job. I had to start my business all over again in a place I wasn't familiar with, and Jamie and Junie (our beloved felines) made themselves at home in our loft... which was a kitten's dream. 2014 was filled with many hardships, but also so much adventure. I love taking photos in new locations. I love the discovery and the originality that comes from being unfamiliar with a location. You don't know how the lighting will be, or how the wind will blow, or whether there is a pond, or a beautiful tree, or a barn, or animals. I just love it. So, moving to a place that is known for its parks and nature was so fun for me. After almost a year of living in Illinois, we decided to move back home to Charleston. We are extremely excited to be back home, and can't wait for all of the beautiful faces we will meet and photograph in 2015. Here are our favorite photos from this last year!