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It’s been a dream of ours to explore the Oregon coast for as long as we can remember. If all you know about Oregon comes from playing, “The Oregon Trail” as a kid, don’t stop reading now because what we experienced was completely different! Spoiler alert: we didn’t have to ford any rivers, neither of us died from dysentery, and it was actually a pleasant experience…unlike playing the game in Mr. Spencer’s computer class in 2003. 

We made plans to drive all the way across the country to meet up with a Rachel and Sig, a couple from Washington who were looking for an in-home session in Seattle as well as a lifestyle session on the Oregon coast. After arriving in Washington and spending a refreshingly chilly night in Snoqualmie Pass, we met up with with the couple at their house in Seattle to begin the group caravan to Oregon. 

Not so coincidentally, both of the main landmarks on our wish-list to visit, Astoria and Canon Beach, were filming locations for The Goonies. Aside from fulfilling childhood dreams and pretending to be on the hunt for hidden treasure, we mainly wanted to explore with no plan or schedule - to just drive and stop to take photos whenever we saw something cool or interesting…or whenever we got hungry.

We drove through Astoria, and stopped to get coffee from a cafe at the end of a dock in one of the oldest canneries in America. We got lunch at Fort George Brewery and indulged in some incredible local brews, only leaving to continue our adventure. We explored Cannon Beach and it’s legendary Haystack Rock which is even more impressive in person than it is in photos, and then continued down the coast. We stopped in Rockaway Beach and wandered through an interesting antique shop we discovered in this sleepy coastal town, and then made the decision to visit Cape Kiwanda.

This led to us hiking up a mountain-sized sand dune, and watching as massive waves broke over the nearby cliffs. At Kiwanda, as we were beginning our descent down the dune, we spotted whales breaching in the distance and enjoyed one of the best nights of then entire trip. On our return while driving through the town of Tillamook we spotted, Tillamook Creamery, which is basically an IKEA sized cheese factory, so naturally we had to make a stop there too, because, well…cheese. Tillamook isn’t all cheese though, it’s also home to De Garde Brewing, which is said to be the best brewery in Oregon, and the 5th best in the world - so yeah, we spent some time there too. 

After a thorough exploration of Oregon and its uniquely wonderful coast, we returned to Seattle for the last leg of our trip. We had so many pictures we had already taken of Sig and Rachel, but were looking forward to taking more photos of them in their home to capture another side of their personalities.

Throughout this entire trip we wanted this couple’s relationship and personalities to be authentically represented and knew that this last stop, their home with its eclectic styling, would be the perfect conclusion to the trip. Instead of setting up poses, we asked if we could just hang out and document their morning as they made coffee and hung out with their dog, Emerson. Being a part of such an organic setting allowed us to capture real images that were true to the personalities of this couple. 

We went to Oregon without a plan, we explored coffee shops, beaches, capes, coasts, and breweries and in the end were able to capture Sig and Rachel’s personalities both as individuals and as a couple - which for us, was well worth the 6,000+ mile round trip.

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